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Our meetings are initially open to the public at no charge, although donations to help cover the costs are appreciated. Recurring visitors are requested to contribute $2 per meeting, or join us as a full member for $20 per year (prorated). Attendees are generally expected to purchase a dinner as the meeting room is offered to us primarily as a dining room.

Readers' Orbit book review meetings are free to all. The format for the Orbit meetings is to serially provide each participant time to present their review. After the review cycle is finished a general discussion is encouraged.

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    September's book will be The Ship Of Ishtar
    by A(braham) Merritt

    Suggested by John Bowen & Catherine Curley

    The hero, John Kenton, is a well-off adventurer and archaeologist who has financed excavations in Babylon, and receives from it a strange stone block with nearly-illegible warning inscriptions. Naturally, he can't leave well-enough alone when the stone cracks. He discovers that the block contains a toy-like ship on a crystal sea, in precious and semi-precious metals and gem-stones. This ship is the gateway to a world of endless day, and the deck of a "real" ship which has voyaged since the days of Sargon of Akkad.

    The 1924 magazine serialization is in thirty-five chapters. The Putnam/Avon text, which is available on various places around the web, was re-ordered into thirty-one chapters, some re-titled to fit, and divided into six parts (possibly suggested by the six-part magazine serialization). Whole pages are missing, including the crucial opening scene, which introduces the protagonist, and his feelings of alienation after returning from service in the First World War. Since this backgrounds his doubts of his own sanity, its absence can only confuse the reader. The Annotated version DOES NOT contain the complete 1924 text and someone should notify them what the word "annotated" means. The Borden Memorial Edition does contain the complete text, as does the Paizo ("Planet Stories") paperback reprint. Some of the Amazon entries are erroneously cross-linked with Sappho's poems - be careful what you buy!

    Braille LAPL Kindle-Annotated $6 ebay $3
    Paizo & Borden editions: Amz-U $15 ebay $15-$55

    339 pages (complete editions)
    Pub. November 8, 1924 - December 13, 1924


    Debbie Lynn Smith

    Debbie Lynn Smith has spent most of her career writing and producing such television shows as Murder, She Wrote; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; and Touched by an Angel. Debbie has published short stories in magazines and anthologies, mostly in the horror genre. Most recently, Debbie created Kymera Press, a comic book publishing company that supports women in comics.


    October's book will be The Golem
    by Gustav Meyrink

    Suggested by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

    This classic German supernatural novel follows the life of art restorer and jeweler Athanasius Pernath, together with his interactions with his friends and neighbors, and with the spirit that haunts the Jewish ghetto, brought to life by their centuries of suffering.

    LAPL Amazon-used $3.50 Kindle $8 Nook $7

    190 pages
    Pub. 1914


    Alexandra Monir

    Alexandra is an author of YA novels of mystery, time travel, and science fiction whose latest novel, The Final Six, has been optioned for film. Alexandra is also an accomplished songwriter and singer.


    November's book will be Superluminal
    by Vonda N. McIntyre

    Suggested by Catherine Curley

    A woman has to undergo bodily augmentation and alteration in order to cope with the pressures of being a starship pilot.

    AnaPL LAPL Amazon-used cheap Kindle $4

    279 pages
    Pub. 1983

  • November 27 GUEST/PROGRAM

    Marv Wolfman

    Fondly remembered as the principal writer of "The Tomb Of Dracula" comic book series at Marvel and "The New Teen Titans" at DC. Marv has been a senior writer and editor since the early 1970's and served as editor-in-chief for a time. His more recent efforts have included work at Disney Comics, Dark Horse, First Comics and many small companies.

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