Orange County Science Fiction Club Orange County Science Fiction Club

Books being recommended for the Readers' Orbit group discussion should
include the following:

1. Author (as listed on the cover)

2. Title (as listed on the cover)

3. Series (if any)

4. Collections and anthologies should be identified

5. Page count

6. A short description of the story, 2-5 sentences is ideal. Don't give away
spoilers, and don't include subjective opinions such as "author's best book"
or "slow to build but..." Let us make these kinds of determinations when
we actually do the book. Award nominations and wins would be helpful
notations, as well as any omnibus volumes including the novel.

7. Is the book available on Braille audio? Only those marked "Sound Recording" qualify.

8. Availability at Anaheim Public Library, Orange County Public Libraries, Fullerton Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library and Los Angeles County Public Libraries. Use the following URLs:


OCPL If the page shows it has timed out just click the OK button.


LAPL You will probably have to use the advanced search option to specify title and author for the LAPL as their site hangs easily.

LACPL If the page shows it has timed out just click the OK button.

9. Finally, check Amazon and Barnes & Noble (books) for pricing. Note that the same title may appear in multiple versions and used book prices. Please identify Kindle and Nook pricing separately as some of us would rather own the book as a book.

E-mail your suggestions to the Readers' Orbit and they will be added to the list.